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Lead Hazard Programs

The City of Omaha has different programs that address lead hazards. These programs focus primarily in the Lead Superfund Site of Eastern Omaha (see map). If you live or own property in this area, view the programs below for more information and to see if you qualify. For more information on lead poisoning and Omaha's history with lead, visit our Lead Hazard Information page.


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Lead Hazard Control Program

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  Lead poisoning, whether caused by lead-based paint or other sources of lead, have a profound negative effect on the human body, and children under the age of six are especially vulnerable. The Lead Paint Hazard Control Program eliminates lead-based paint hazards and other lead-related hazards from single-family and multi-family residences.  This includes remediation of both exterior and interior lead-paint hazards.

Contact Info: Sarah Frederick / (402) 444-5150 ext 2028 / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Lead Soil Information

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  The Omaha Lead Site is an area of eastern Omaha, as designated by
the USEPA, where many yards have unsafe levels of Lead from historic industrial air emissions. The City of Omaha is now responsible for supervision and oversight of the soil sampling and soil clean-up of yards, identified to be contaminated.

Contact Info: (402) 731-3045


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Exterior Lead-Based Paint Stabilization Program

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  The City of Omaha Planning Department will perform stabilization of deteriorated Lead-based paint at properties in eastern Omaha where a soil cleanup has been or will be performed. Stabilization helps prevent loose, flaking Lead-based paint on the outside of homes from falling to the ground and raising Lead concentrations to unsafe levels in the soil. Children can inadvertently swallow paint chips or Lead-contaminated soil causing Lead-poisoning, which can result in irreversible adverse health effects. Thee purpose of the Lead-based paint stabilization program is to assure that soil Lead levels remain protective following the soil cleanup.

Contact Info: (402) 731-3045