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Homeless Services

The City of Omaha works to prevent homelessness and to enable the homeless population to move steadily toward independent living.


TenantBasedTenant-Based Rental Assistance Program

Provides up to 24 months in rental assistance either to households that have completed a transitional housing program for the homeless or to households that include a person(s) with a disability (as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development) and who have been involved in a supportive services program. All applicants for this program are to be referred to OHA by an existing transitional housing or support service program that will document its involvement with the household and verify household status (i.e., homeless or disabled). The HOME Tenant-based Rental Assistance Program is operated by the Omaha Housing Authority (OHA) using HOME Partnerships Program funds allocated by the City of Omaha.

Contact Info: (402) 444-6900 / www.ohauthority.org

Homeless2Continuum of Care Rental Assistance Program

The City of Omaha has secured Continuum of Care Rental Assistance Program funds from the US Dept of Housing and Urban Development for the purpose of providing permanent supportive housing to twenty-one chronically homeless mentally ill individuals. The Continuum of Care Rental Assistance Program is a tenant-based rental assistance program administered by the Omaha Housing Authority (OHA). Eligible participants are referred by Community Alliance, and it is Community Alliance's Rehabilitation Services Division that provides the case management/supportive services needed by participants while OHA provides the needed rental assistance.

Contact Info: (402) 444-6900 / www.ohauthority.org or (402) 341-5128 / www.community-alliance.org

Homeless2Emergency Shelter Grant

A formula-funded program for allocating funds to eligible jurisdictions (the City of Omaha is one such jurisdiction).  Its purpose is to provide funding for shelter operations, essential services, homeless prevention activities and rehabilitation or conversion of buildings into homeless shelters.

Contact Info: (402) 444-5150