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City of Omaha - Nebraska

City of Omaha Planning Department
Community Development DivisionOmaha, Nebraska

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Housing & Community Development focuses its efforts primarily in the older neighborhoods of Northeast and Southeast Omaha. Since 2014, we have worked with community partners to focus efforts on a specific “targeted” neighborhood, and to do so for a period of approximately two years. During that two-year timeframe, HCD and its partners hope to benefit as many households as possible. In so doing, we attempt to affect the neighborhood’s overall belief in its own future. Those not affected directly nevertheless witness beneficial changes in the neighborhood and perhaps invest their own resources in ways that further that beneficial change. To put it another way: A new “standard” of neighborhood pride and care is created, and then, hopefully, furthered and maintained not only by those touch directly but by those touched indirectly, as well.

Targeted Neighborhoods

Neighbohood Action and Fact Logo


Neighborhood Action & Fact - 2018-2019

Approximately bordered by Sprague Street and Wirt Street, between N 27th Street and N 24th Street.


Deer Park Logo

Deer Park - 2016-2017

Approximately bordered by Martha Street and Grover Street, between S 15th Street and S 21st Street.


Prospect Village Logo


Prospect Village - 2015-2016

Approximately bordered by Lake Street and Hamilton Street, between N 30th Street and N 36th Street.