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Extremely Blighted Areas Look-Up Tool

The City of Omaha moved to designate specific areas as "Extremely Blighted," in response to a bill recently passed by the Nebraska State Legislature (LB86). Purpose of the designation is to provide a state income tax credit for anyone purchasing a home for their own primary residence within an area that has the Extremely Blighted designation. 

For questions about the state income tax credit or affordable housing development benefit, please contact the Nebraska Department of Revenue, taxpayer assistance line at 1-800-742-7474.

Extremely Blighted Areas Definition

Extremely blighted area means a substandard and blighted area in which:
(a) The average rate of unemployment in the area during the period covered by the most recent federal decennial census or American Community Survey 5-Year Estimate is at least two hundred percent of the average rate of unemployment in the state during the same period; and
(b) the average poverty rate in the area exceeds twenty percent for the total federal census tract or tracts or federal census block group or block groups in the area.

Additional Information

Nebraska Community Development Law

Extremely Blighted Areas Facts Brochure

Look-Up Tool

Use the interactive look-up tool below to type an address or click on the map to find out if an address is located within a Community Redevelopment Area and/or Extremely Blighted Area.

Extremely Blighted Areas Map Image